CityToken (CTY) can also be used to fight the student debt dilemma.  As 2020 commences, $1.4 trillion of future wealth will be owned by students in the US.

  • The annual default rate on this debt is 6.9% or roughly $100 billion.  Imagine redirecting $100 billion of money never to be repaid, back into the community?  

  • Imagine doing something your community needs and values and as a result, a portion of debt you can't pay is forgiven? 

  • Imagine if a high school student could undertake VALUE-ADDING activities in her community thereby earning a "debt-credit"? 

  • TRUTH--Many institutions of higher-learning don't have the endowments of a Harvard or Princeton and so "loaned money" to students is one of the most important sources of income, so the CTY cannot relieve full debt obligation but we can work with each student, each institution and each community and we can figure something out, right?