CityToken (CTY) --It is estimated that 16 million Americans live in 3rd Tier (3T) cities.  3T cities are CityToken Communities.

  • 3T cities have populations between 15,000 and 200,000 (but some will be as large as 350,000).

  • 3T cities during the 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions were strong, vital communities providing sustainable labor and growing incomes for most segments of their populations. 

  • 3T cities across the country fell on hard times beginning with increased competition from European and Asian countries.  The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR see here ) has left many devastated.  

  • 3T cities are either bankrupt or on the verge of being so.  As a result, in many instances residents are left to fend for themselves. Often, the only services still available are those of first-responders.  Infrastructures are often in extreme disrepair.  

  • 3T cities also tend to vote less frequently but when active often choose leaders whose policies negatively impact local economic interests.  Extremism becomes the norm in many places.

  • 3T cities are ground zero for a CityToken-type program.


  • Akron, Ohio

  • Stockton, California

  • Trenton, New Jersey

  • Albany, New York

  • Bismarck, North Dakota

  • Olympia, Washington

  • Roanoke, Virginia

  • Jefferson City, Missouri and many more.