CityToken (CTY) --Offers a future foundation for communities that will make them strong again.  Strong communities:

  • Work together for common goals.

  • Promote freedom of expression and support fairness. 

  • Encourage members to fulfill obligations avoiding burdensome rules. 

  • Elect leaders that stand by community values promoting open communication between residents.

  • Ensure the public is fully informed allowing citizens to make smart decisions at the ballot box.


  • Many communities lack the means for creating core-value finding it too difficult to change the status-quo.  The missing bonds promote a "me before we" attitude preventing the establishment of a larger purpose to be embraced by the community.

  • Too many Americans in these forgotten communities suffer from feelings of abandonment giving rise to radicalism and diseases of despair.

CityToken creates:

  • CONNECTION--Afforded the opportunity to earn "new value," residents identify the community-specific "value-creation sectors" where their individual skill-sets can most closely align with the concept of "adding-value-getting-value".

  • AVOIDING APATHY--As residents earn CTY, the benefits become obvious to others.  The seeds for community action are planted in towns and cites where community participation has long been missing.

  • TRUSTING LEADERS--As the interconnection between economic-self-interest and community-well-being becomes obvious, engagement in local politics increases and as does overall accountability of local governance.

  • CREATING YOUR PATH--Too many jobs in these struggling communities are minimum wage and tend to be concentrated in the service industry.  Decisions made in corporate boardrooms far from "Main Street" often negatively affect residents leave the communities with no recourse.  CityToken Cities will actively reshape the foundation upon which their communities are constructed.  In banking, there is a term--"wealth management;" in CityToken Cities we have what is called "necessity management."  By fulfilling my needs, I am creating value for the community which in turn gives me value.  A win-win for all!