The Covid-19 Pandemic will pass.  As expected, many of the most severely effected during the pandemic also suffer the most from the systemic  CRISIS OF VALUE.

Not working means not eating!  A "savings" doesn't exist.

The failings by the federal government make the re-evaluation of the terms "value" and "earnings" at the local level ever more mandatory for the future, security and well-being of our nation's most economically vulnerable.

Our medical care system is inefficient at caring for an economically-dislocated nation because its hard to make a pandemic profitable.  US health care is more expensive than every other nation in the world.

As a result, America witnesses falling life-expectancy. Americans now live shorter, unhealthier lives than citizens in most industrialized nations. 

In the past 40 years, the incomes for top earners has risen 420% in relation to GDP, but for the bottom 90% it has risen only 45%. 

Sheltering-in-place has brought the stark differences home to us---"working America" and the wealthy live on different planets.  The situation won't get better until sensible and practical action is taken at the level of the city.

Why should an American parent, any citizen, have to ask: do I put food on the table, pay the rent, go to the doctor or buy shoes? Real value keeps growing at the top but drops for everyone else. The rate at which Americans between 25-64 with no college degree die from "deaths from despair" has tripled since the 1990's while at the same time for college grads it has dropped. How is this acceptable?

Have you ever helped out in your community and not been paid?  Have you ever found yourself wanting to share your skills or time but reluctant because you wouldn't be paid?  Do you live in a place where there aren't enough paying jobs but so many things that could be done to make your community better?




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